The team have been busy at the Wyndham EKJP site, installing an internal gate and fence that will be used to securely house EKJP’s larger machinery and equipment.

Under the guidance of Activity Supervisors Phil Carlton and Clayton Winton (Kununurra) together with Rodney Fischer (Wyndham), it all took about a week to complete and was greatly assisted by some staff from Kununurra coming out to Wyndham to lend a hand. The team were also assisted by EKJP’s new cadets, Seth Wilson and Joe Sweedmen. 

The team commented that constructing the fence and gate was relatively straight forward, but it was the digging of the holes and coming across some very large rocks to clear, that proved the most difficult part of it all.

When activities re-commence, the next project on the list is to create a rock path leading to the greenhouse, that will make access easier for the women’s activity.”