As we all feel the impact of restrictions and limitations from COVID-19, it looks like not much can really stop our creative and talented Mango Street staff, from creating such magnificent items of furniture and general art pieces, that are available for sale at our Revive Store.

The transformation of items is truly outstanding, as the flair and talent of our team put their skills into creating these marvellous items.

Some of these are shown as follows:

EKJP Staff Member Dave Jorritsma crafted this table from donated mahogany trunks.
Raphaelle Christin, our Arts and Crafts Activity Supervisor, has been kept very busy by giving old, neglected and damaged furniture a totally new life! With her amazing artistic flair, these chairs which were donated, now are magnificently re-purposed. 
The old wooden pallets! Who would have thought they could be recreated and designed into some outstanding table and chairs. Well, Eric Martin has done just that, by making these tables and seats just out of pallets. The community can’t seem to get enough of these; as soon as they hit the shelves at Revive, they are straight out the door. Great work Eric!

We sincerely send out our thanks to the community for their continual support and most importantly, to our team for their tremendous skills and work effort.