A few months ago, part of our jobseeker group in Halls Creek commenced a Certificate II in Construction Pathways, an eight week course facilitated by Djaringo (Nirrumbuk Broome). The aim of the course is to provide students with an insight into the construction industry, and focuses on health and safety, communication, planning, organisation, and an introduction to skills such as concreting and carpentry. The Cert II is designed to introduce students to the recognised trade callings within the industry, as well as provide meaningful credits to continuing educational pathways, and qualifications that lead to skilled, ongoing, career focused work.

EKJP would like to extend a warm congratulations to the group who completed their course recently! 17 of the 19 jobseekers who commenced the course have either achieved a Cert II in Construction Pathways, or are a few units away from full completions, which is a great result. Two have already taken roles with local businesses and three more are on track to commence work in the next fortnight!

To celebrate completion of the course, EKJP hosted a graduation morning tea, with some local businesses and stakeholders invited along as well.

Thank you to Djaringo (Nirrumbuk Broome) for facilitating the course, and EKJP Activity Supervisor Charles Dryden for providing valuable assistance and support to the jobseekers undergoing their training.