The Australian Government will introduce a new remote jobs program in 2023, which will replace the Community Development Program (CDP). While this process is underway, the Government has made changes to Mutual Obligation Requirements for all CDP Job Seekers. From 12 May 2021, all CDP Job Seekers will still be required to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements through:

  • Agreeing to a Job Plan
  • Attending regular appointments and job interviews
  • Meeting job search requirements (dependent on strength of local labour market)
  • Accepting suitable paid work when it is offered
  • Not leaving suitable employment voluntarily

However, it has been recognised that there are difficulties for some people to engage in their CDP Job Seeker activities, and so you will no longer be penalised if you cannot attend.

CDP Job Seekers will continue to be supported by East Kimberley Job Pathways and other providers to find employment and work with communities.

As a first step towards the new remote jobs program for 2023, the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) will pilot a new remote jobs program in a number of locations, from late 2021. It will be co-designed with Indigenous Australians in consultation with CDP Providers and key stakeholders. The pilots will trial new ways of engaging Job Seekers, and building skills that better respond to the unique circumstances that Job Seekers experience in remote Australia. The design of the new remote jobs program will better tailor the support Job Seekers need to find and secure work as the economy recovers from effects of COVID-19.

Please refer to the fact sheets supplied by NIAA for further information.