Last month, together with the Kununurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation, EKJP Job Seekers participated in a community beautification and personal mental health activity that encouraged coming together in a team to work towards solutions for some of the issues they come across in day to day life.

The men participated in bush tucker collection, including collecting plants for the nursery, as well as boab nuts for traditional carving practices, and attended a session on planting and growing native plants with a local Elder, who shared teachings on how to help these plants thrive and survive.

They participated in activities designed to assist them in giving back to their communities – cleaning up playground areas, maintaining grass and community spaces, and the repair of the equipment required for these tasks. They also attended a community barbecue, held at the Waringarri offices, and assisted with preparing and cooking the food, and serving to local Elders.

Additionally, the men attended LIYAN Natural Helpers training, run by Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services (KAMS), a program designed by the KAMS team in partnership with the Kimberley Aboriginal Suicide Prevention team, which is a Kimberley-specific suicide intervention training program. LIYAN is a Yawuru word that means inner feeling or spirit. The program’s name was informed by its purpose to build the capacity of Natural Helpers (i.e. community members) to support those around them who may be deliberately harming themselves or feeling suicidal. 

To round things off, and promote continued connection to Country and community, the men attended a three day cultural camp on Cockatoo Springs, in collaboration with Waringarri Arts, where they created bird sculptures, and spent time learning about traditional stories and ways from another local Elder.